Top 10 Online Casino Benefits

Online casino gaming has evolved from a very tiny niche to becoming one of the most indulged in activity throughout the world. Several millions of casino players world over log in to various online casino portals every day and play for long hours using real money or just for fun. One of the reasons why online casinos have such a large fan following is because of the various benefits offered by them.

Let’s go through the top 10 reasons why this form of gambling has become so popular in every nook and corner of the world.

By far the biggest benefit and one of the main reasons why people prefer online casinos over the brick and mortar kinds is the convenience offered by them. After the advent of Internet, casino goers could easily gamble from the comfort of their homes, regardless of the time of the day. It became pretty easy to pass time playing a few hands of blackjack, or engaging in long sessions of slot machines, building up one’s balance day after day.
Players can play either all by themselves or against other players in some highly efficient and attractive multiplayer online casino games. Furthermore, there is no need of being completely focused on the game alone. One can even watch television or do something else side-by-side while playing in an online casino.
The convenience factor of online casinos has been taken a step further by their incorporation into several new age devices like tablet PCs, mobile phones and laptops. You are no longer restricted to playing online casino games on your desktop computer alone. Instead, you can carry your online casino with yourself wherever you go!

Free of cost casino games
Another major benefit of playing online casino games is that you get to play free of charge casino games! Majority of online casinos provide free play version of their popular games. So, you can play these games and try your hand at them in a completely risk-free arrangement, before using any real money. Furthermore, sometimes you can even continue playing for as long as you want, without depositing any cash at all.
This is a pretty huge advantage or benefit offered by online casinos which can never be made available in land-based casinos. There are only a certain number of casino tables and gaming machines that can be accommodated in a land-based casino and hence it can never be feasible for them to allow someone to play for free. On the other hand, when it comes to online casinos, there is no such restriction of space and hence almost infinite number of players can be permitted to play any amount of games that they like, at the same time.

Online casino bonuses
The welcome bonus offered by a large majority of online casinos is considered one of the biggest benefits of the online casino industry. Almost every online casino provides such bonus to new players, no matter which game they’re interested in playing. Such bonuses are normally offered in the form of percentage deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and reload bonuses, ranging anywhere from £ 100 - £ 3000. You normally don’t get such benefits, or at least to this extent, when you play in brick and mortar casinos.

Loyalty benefits
Accrual of loyalty points and their easy usage is another highly useful benefit offered by online casinos. You get rewarded not only in terms of the amount you win, but also for playing regularly in a particular casino. In addition, you continue accumulating loyalty points even if you’re losing. All these points can be later used when purchasing casino credits or for winning different prizes.
Although land-based casinos also provide such benefits to their regular players in the form of comps, they normally come in the form of hotel upgrades, drinks, dinner etc. When it comes to online casinos, you can actually exchange loyalty points for real money sometimes!

Deposit options
Brick and mortar casinos normally accept only a certain type of payment methods for purchase of chips. In most cases, they accept majority of their payments in cash or by credit card. However, in online casinos, you can use a wide variety of payment options to make your purchases. Some of the most popular payment choices offered by online casinos are: Skrill, Paypal, Ukash, Credit cards, Debit cards, Neteller etc.
Furthermore, you can also pay with cash at online casinos using an innovative eVoucher system, wherein payment vouchers can be purchased from a land based store.

A wide selection of games
Although a large majority of brick and mortar casinos are incredibly huge in terms of size and offer a good variety of games, they are ultimately limited by the space they can offer. As also highlighted earlier, one of the biggest benefits of online casinos is that there is no limit in terms of capacity. The number of games that can normally be offered in an online casino is way higher than any conventional land-based casino.
Any good online casino worth its name normally offers hundreds of different types of new age online casino games, as well as all the classic ones you can find in land-based casinos.

The bet sizes
Players normally face all sorts of bet size restrictions when they’re playing in a brick and mortar casinos. The minimum and maximum stakes are also pretty much fixed for various casino tables and games. A land-based casino cannot normally make any changes to such stakes because it needs to cover all the overheads incurred by it in running such a large scale establishment. On the other hand, since online casinos aren’t as expensive to run as land-based casinos, they can offer a large variety of bet sizes to their players.
This serves as a great benefit for casino players as they’re not restricted by the amount they can play with in a casino.

Value for money
Considering all the points detailed above and many more, online casinos offer far better value of money than any land-based casino.
First and foremost, unless you stay close to a place like Macau or Las Vegas, you’ll need to shell out a huge amount of money to travel to such a destination. Then, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of money on hotel stays and other things, all for playing perhaps a few hours of casino games. Online casino games on the other hand can be indulged in from wherever you are, without the need of spending even a penny to access the games (apart from the Internet access obviously).
Land-based casinos also have a comparatively larger house edge than online casinos, and hence offer less value for money than the latter.

Recording of game history
No matter where you play the online casino games, whether on a smart phone, tablet PC or a desktop, your gaming history gets recorded constantly once you login and start playing. Hence, the system would know the kind of games you love playing and win at regularly, whenever you visit that particular online casino. This isn’t possible at all when it comes to brick and mortar casinos.

Less distractions and better focus
Land-based casinos are pretty glamorous places where things can get pretty exciting with all the glamorous people around and everyone screaming at the top of his/her voice. All such glitziness can sometimes become very distracting for a serious casino player. If you’re someone who likes staying focused on his/her game, all such noise (in a real casino environment) can distract you from your game. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to online casinos. As you can play online casino games from anywhere you like, you can choose your environment as you deem fit.
As evident from the points detailed above, online casinos offer far more benefits compared to the brick and mortar casinos. Hence, if you’re someone who is just about getting initiated into the casino world, or have been playing for a long time, an online casino is any day a far better place to play than an off-line one.