Online Casino Bonus Types

It’s a common practice for online casinos to use bonuses to encourage potential players to sign up with their websites, deposit money with them and continue playing for a long time. Online casino bonuses can be of various types, including loyalty bonus, matching deposit bonus, reload bonus, high-roller bonus, percentage bonus, welcome bonus and more. Let’s take you through the most popular types of bonuses offered by online casinos:

Sign up, new player or welcome bonus
Signup, new player or welcome bonus is usually the most common bonus type you’ll see in the online casino industry. It’s a method adopted by online casinos to lure you into signing up with them. Ideally, you must never sign up with an online casino just because it offers an excellent welcome bonus. Instead, go with the one that provides a good range of bonuses throughout. Such welcome bonuses can be offered in the form of percentage bonuses, matching bonuses and no deposit bonuses.
No deposit bonus – In this type of online casino bonus, you get a chance of trying out various games available at the online casino for free. Hence, you’re not required to make any deposit upfront.
Furthermore, you can win real money while playing with such no deposit bonus.
Matching deposit – As evident from its name, it’s a type of online casino bonus wherein the casino matches the exact amount deposited by you, however, only up to a certain extent. So, if an online casino offers 100% matching bonus up to £ 200, it implies that it’ll match your deposit pound for pound, up to £ 200. So, you’ll be able to play with £ 200 whenever you make a £ 100 deposit at such a casino.
Percentage deposit – Although this bonus isn’t as good as the no deposit or matching deposit bonus, it’s still a good deal if you get it at a reputed online casino. In such type of bonus, the casino offers a certain percentage of money deposited by the player as an additional bonus. So, if the casino offers 50% percentage bonus, it implies that it’ll add an extra 50% to your deposit. Hence, £ 100 deposit will convert into £ 150.

Reload bonus
This type of bonus is offered to keep regular players interested in an online casino, encouraging them to make more deposits. Quite similar to the welcome bonus, reload bonus is also normally in the percentage or matching deposit form. In fact, some of the popular online casinos even offer monthly reload bonuses, allowing players to increase their bankroll month after month.

Loyalty bonus
Majority of online casinos have VIP programs and loyalty clubs wherein season players are rewarded for the time they spend on the website or the amount of bets they place while playing different games. Normally, all players get automatically signed-up for loyalty bonus and earn points as they continue playing on the portal. Once you reach the VIP level or the senior VIP level, you can avail some handsome loyalty bonuses that are far more attractive compared to the regular reload bonuses.

High Roller bonus
Casinos not just reward players who consistently spend a good amount of time and money with them, they also offer something extra to players who like splurging on certain casino games and make huge one off deposits while playing them. Such high roller bonuses are normally in the form of a percentage bonus, for deposits exceeding £ 500.

Referral bonus
Many online casinos offer bonuses to players who refer their friends to them. You’re awarded such referral bonus every time a person referred by you signs up with the website.

No deposit free trial bonus
Such type of bonus involves bonus money which can’t be cashed out by the player. He/she can’t cash out any winnings either. Such bonus is normally meant for trying out different games and software available at an online casino, without the need of making any deposit.

Cashback bonus
As evident from its name, this type of bonus basically gives players a certain percentage of their gambling amount back to them. It’s normally awarded to players who lose in some gambling sessions. Although casino deposit bonuses are excellent on their own, anyone who’s a big time online casino player and wishes to extend his/her playing time, can make great use of cashback bonus to do so. So, for instance, you may be returned £ 100 back (in the form of 20% cashback bonus) in case you lose around £ 500 in a certain casino game.