TweetBeep Support

Thanks for using TweetBeep! Read below before you send us an email, we should be able to answer most of your questions below!

I didn't get a confirmation email
Did you look in your junk mail? Try resending it once or twice? If none of those work, it may be that your ISP is blocking TweetBeep emails because we were on an email blacklist a while back (for technical email issues, not because we are naughty). Try another email address, like a gmail account, and that will usually do the trick.

I'm not getting alerts
Usually if you're not getting alerts, it is probably something wrong with your alert parameters. From the Alerts page, click on "View" and that is a preview of what TweetBeep is checking for that alert. If it is empty, then you'll need to edit it. If there are very few, then you might just have to wait until someone tweets that! If it looks fine, you might have something wrong with your email. Check your junk mail.

If you're testing your alerts by tweeting something yourself, keep in mind that TweetBeep alerts ignore your own tweets!

How do I get more alerts?
TweetBeep now makes more alerts available for just a few bucks a month! See our TweetBeep Upgrades page for more information, and also consider TweetBeep Premium! Even if you don't need the alerts, an upgrade plan helps support TweetBeep and we really appreciate it! If you need a TON of alerts, contact us for more pricing options.

What are Domain alerts?
TweetBeep has a unique service in that we can identify mentions of your website, even when a URL shortening service is used! TweetBeep searches as many tweets with links as often as we are allowed to by Twitter, so the service isn't perfect, but its definitely worth it!

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